Friday, June 24, 2011

Packing Tips

We just arrived home this week from a nice long visit with my family.  Traveling with 3 kids means lots of planning and packing.  I usually have two kids sharing a suitcase of some sort when we travel.  

This past trip I used ziploc freezer bags while packing to make finding Clare and Jude's things easier and to have some sort of organization within their bag.  

I made up a set of clothes (including undies - Hi Woody!)...

and put them in a labeled ziploc bag. 

(Weekday clothes didn't really matter, but clothes for Sunday Mass were easy to identify.)  
Jude's "Sunday bag" also included his belt and socks...and it was nice not having to fish around their duffle bag for his socks on Sunday morning! 

The next time we travel I plan to use this system again.  My one thought would be to keep underwear in one separate ziploc bag so it is handy after baths, or "accidents."  (Both occurred during our trip!)      


  1. Tricia that is an awesome idea. I always struggle with that and Steve can never seem to find what I usually ask him for when we're traveling....thanks!

  2. Yes...helpful when Daddy is getting the kids dressed, too!

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