Friday, March 28, 2014

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Ryan took Clare and Ellen to a Father-Daughter dance a few weekends ago.  Ellen was thrilled she was old enough to attend this year and was SO excited about her big night out.  

Waiting for Daddy...

When they saw he had roses for them...

Pretty girls! 

Such a big girl! 

Keeping her eye on her prize!

 So sweet and excited! 

 And just because he could, Ryan wore his favorite jacket....

The boys and I had our own for dinner, an early bedtime for Michael, laundry folding, and then Jude read Dr. Seuess books to me.  Pretty nice night for us, too! 

Here's to another great weekend!


  1. What a special night!! So precious. Clare and Ellen looked beautiful :)

  2. So sweet! Your girls look so pretty and that jacket is awesome. :)

  3. the girls are absolutely adorable but the jacket takes the cake ;-)

  4. So sweet! Your girls look so pretty and that child clothes is awesome. :)