Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gum in the Carpet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clare's afternoon ritual goes something like this:

1. Request to watch the latest "Fetch" show that has taped on the DVR in the loft.  (Side note: she would also like to be a contestant on the show...if anyone out there has a connection for her.)


 2. Ask for a piece of gum.

And I believe that is how I stepped on something sticky in the loft the other day.
Behold, gum in the carpet!  

Thankfully it came out.  To do so, I placed an ice pack on the spot for a good 30 minutes or so.  The gum was easy to pull off once it was cold.  


And now I'm a bad mom because I keep telling her we don't have any gum...


  1. One question, do you give her like 1/16th of a stick of gum???

  2. I am quite generous and give her a whole piece...I have yet to find the remaining 15/16th of it...