Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Five Favorites

It's Wednesday and I'm linking up with Hallie...

1. New healthy babies!  New nephews to be exact!  2!  Born one day apart!  We are loving getting pictures and videos and ichatting with our new cousins!  I'm actually quite impressed that Ellen knows baby Nate is Aunt Katie's baby and baby Wesley (she pronounces it Wes-A-lee) is Aunt Mary Jo's baby.  We can't wait to meet them soon!

2.  Onto something not nearly as amazing...  A big thanks to whoever posted the 20 minute Peppa Pig video on You Tube...and the 50 minute one, and the hour long one.  (We ditched cable in March...and Peppa went with it.)  The 5 minute clips weren't allowing me to be nearly as productive as the 20+ minute gems are!  It's the little things.  Really.


3.  Fall clothes!  Call me crazy, but I love going through clothes for the kids (and myself) for each approaching season, making a list of who needs what, and then getting me some dealzzz on what everyone needs.  I scored big time shopping online at Old Navy.  Extra 15% off and free shipping?? Yes, please!  Everyone looked very spiffy in their new Sunday best at Mass this weekend!

4.  Pumpkin everything!  Ellen and I made pumpkin bread yesterday afternoon while Michael took a 2 hour nap (there's a favorite inside a favorite!) and an entire loaf was almost devoured after dinner.  Tis the season.  (This recipe is our fav.)

5.  This quote from St. Bernard that I recently came upon:

"In dangers, in doubts, in difficulties, think of Mary, call upon Mary."

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Hi Tricia!

    When I saw Peppa Pig in my Dashboatd, I had to comment! That is Flynn's very very favorite. Me? No so much...doesn't quite compare to Little Bear. : )

    Love switching out seasonal clothes too, and fall is my fave.

    Pumpkin everything here too...chocolate chip pumpkin bread is a must!

    Nice to see ya, friend!

  2. I hear ya Tricia on the fall clothes! Its hard to say no with good deals and free shipping! ;)
    That pumpkin bread sounds dee-lic, I'm hoping I can get to make some pumpkin waffles this weekend!

  3. Thank you for #3! I am a single lady who only has to do my own clothes but I help two other moms swap out their kid's clothes and I enjoy the organization of it all. Thank you for giving me hope that I might still enjoy it even when it is my own kid's clothes.

  4. Isn't Old Navy the best for kids clothes? They are always my first stop when the seasons change. Glad you found some cute stuff!