Monday, January 27, 2014

A Mother's Prayer

Someone shared this prayer at my MOPS meeting last week and I thought I would pass it on...
Happy Monday!  
(Fingers crossed for no snow days this week!)

A Mother's Prayer

Lord, give me strength just for 
To lead my children in Your way.
Oh, give me wisdom, Lord, and grace
To show to them Your precious face!

And help me, Lord, to teach them, too,
The things of Christ so rich and true.
Just let them see in me, dear Lord,
Your holiness in life and word.

Keep me from sinning with my tongue,
From harsh, quick words that might have stung.
Their tender hearts that trust me so
And watch to see which way I go.

Dear Father, keep my thoughts so pure
That they will always know for sure
My Lord has lead me all the way.
Lord, grant my prayer just for today.

Author Unknown

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Update

Popping in for our big news this weekend...Clare made her First Reconciliation on Saturday morning!  We are so proud of how she prepared herself for the sacrament.  (She has been practicing the Act of Contrition every night since the last day of 1st grade - maybe too much because last night Ellen prayed it saying: "Oh my God I am heartly sorry for having offended anyone named Clare.")

On Saturday morning, Clare wore the same bracelet she wore on her Baptism - a gift from my parents that has a cross and miraculous medal on it.  Each child was given a book about Reconciliation to complete after they had been to confession.  The prayer that Clare wrote said, "I felt so happy when I left confession.  I want to go back again!"  

Afterwards, we celebrated the occasion with a fro-yo stop...

Next up - First Holy Communion on May 17!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Mother - Daughter

Ellen has a habit of playing with things in pairs.  A mother and a daughter combination, one big and one small.  Any small object needs a mother and any large object needs a child.  And when I say things I mean anything...  Here are some combinations I found around the house this week...

She's too funny for her own good!  
Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Microwave {Air-Popped} Popcorn

We have another snow day today and I had requests at 10 AM for our current favorite snack - popcorn.  Instead of making it on the stove, I made it quick and in a smaller portion for Jude in the microwave.  Less mess and a bit healthier than cooking with oil.

I put 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels in a brown lunch bag.  Close the bag by folding over the top a few times.  Then, for our microwave, I pop it for 2 minutes.  Add on salt and our favorite white cheddar, and it's good to go!  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Things He Says/They Say...

Jude when asked how he had such amazing (interesting) dance moves one night:
"Remember if you drink those Capri Sun waters?  Well I drank one of those..."

"Why is Michael wearing farmer clothes?"

"Is that his new pajamas?"

And from Ellen:
"I just want more of that black stuff (hot fudge)."

"Jude, if you do that again...I'm going YOU IN THE FACE!"

While wearing my glasses:
"I'm just walking on all of these hills."

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Linking up at Hallie's with some of our current favorites.

1. Kernal Seasons White Cheddar Popcorn Seasoning.


We have been on a popcorn kick lately and it was my mother-in-law who introduced us to white cheddar a few months ago.  So yummy!  

2. The Oball - by Rhino Toys.  


My 3 month old nephews introduced Michael to these balls while we were in town over Christmas and he loved them.  Once we were back home I headed to Target and picked one up for Michael.  They are the perfect size/shape and easy for even a 3 month old to play with.  We have several big Oball fans in our family!  

We made this Chex Mix for Christmas and my goodness it was delish!  (Recipe found here.)

4. Good neighbors.

We were snowed in Sunday until Tuesday of this week and ended up with several spontaneous get-togethers with our neighbors.  So thankful to have such good people living close by!

5.  This video.  (Get your kleenex out.) 

Jude and Ellen have a small obsession with baby Ward.  They can probably be credited with about half the hits this video has received.  So sweet.  

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I cannot believe this baby boy is 2 months away from his 1st birthday!  It seems like it was just yesterday I was starring down at my big belly wondering when he was going to make his debut!  Michael has been a bit more daring lately and is starting to pull himself up onto the bottom step and has also made his way into the cabinets more than once.  And so the "fun" really begins!

And his fans love his "model" pose...

Weight: 23 lbs., 2 oz.

Height: 29 inches

Eating: Thinks he is a big boy eating more table foods and feeding himself.  Especially loves breakfast time.  (Maybe because he is perched in the high chair with a good view of the morning action.)

Starting to enjoy: Books, especially ones with "touch and feel" pages.

Newest feat: Going from an army crawling to sitting position on his own.

Latest accomplishment: Growing more hair.  Mostly on the sides and over his ears sporting a bit of a Bozo the Clown do.

Disposition: Still very sweet and always snuggly.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Ice Cream

We are part of the snowpocalyspe that has hit the US of A.  (So much that our Christmas break is continuing an extra day today...)  A friend sent us this Ice Cream Snow recipe and we made it after dinner last night.  Jude gave it 2 bouncing thumbs up (a sign he really really likes something).  And making it broke our cabin fever for a few minutes!  

4 cups of fresh snow 
1 cup of milk or cream
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and enjoy!

Plenty of snow here to make more tonight!!


Friday, January 3, 2014

7 Quickies For Today/Tonight/Whatever Day it is...

Happy Friday!  (At least I think - these mid-week holidays have my internal clock confused!)  Playing a late night catch-up with Jen...

1.  Before Christmas break, Jude received the coveted "Sunshine Award" in music class.  He was VERY excited to share the news when he got in the car that day after school.  Although from the teacher's comment (and from his reenactment), I'm wondering if his sleigh bell ringing was similar to the cow bell...

2. Moving onto child #3...  Lately Ellen has been saying the Act of Contrition in the morning before breakfast in place of Grace.  A slight foreshadowing that it will be needed for the day ahead...

sharing my morning coffee

3.  And now news about #4...  Over the past week Mr. Michael has begun to move vertically and not just horizontally.  He's propped himself up on the bottom step several times and has also made his way into cabinets a few times now.  And so the fun begins!  

4.  We've seen a fair share of snow so far this winter.  And I'm beginning to think my kids' obsession with eating snow is borderline unhealthy.  One big snowfall (about 8+ inches) happened about 12 hours after Ryan had knee surgery a few weeks ago.  Our good friends thoughtfully offered to help shovel our driveway.  Ryan joked that our kids could probably eat enough of the snow to clear the driveway - similar to ants lifting 50 times their body weight, our kids could probably eat 50 times their weight in snow.  (Don't worry - I did the shoveling and no children or ants were harmed in doing so.) 
5.  With the fresh start of a new year (and with new Christmas goodies in our home) I'm copying off of my sister and have embarked on a 30 bags in 30 days mission.  So it's day 3 and I have 4 bags for Goodwill, 1 bag of treasure chest donations for the classroom (that Clare and Jude are NOT students in!), and 2 bags in the trash.  I love a good purge!  

6.  And of course I am very much looking forward to Downton on Sunday night!  

7.  Have a great weekend and stay warm wherever you are!  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year! 

The 6 of us celebrated with friends (and cousins!) and still made it home by 10PM.  :) 

We were out of town for Christmas (enjoying new baby cousins!), so things are slowly getting back to normal around here.  Gifts have found new homes, laundry is mostly caught up, and the fridge and pantry are restocked (as best I can when Jude is home from school).  I have my new calendars and have been penciling in all the important dates we have this year...from Michael's 1st Birthday in March (-sniff-) to Clare's First Communion in May.  Looking forward to what lies ahead!  Many wishes for a Happy 2014!