Monday, November 4, 2013

Teether Necklace

Michael is at an age where wearing a necklace (and having him ignore it) is nearly impossible.  In fact, he recently broke one of my favorites right off my neck.  Thankfully (?) it broke all over my kitchen floor and I was able to collect all of the beads and fix it.  

I actually saw this idea for a "teether necklace" on pinterest and made one for myself (before he broke my beads). 

To make your own you need a scrap piece of fabric (I didn't measure before I started...mine was probably 4 inches wide and about 48 inches long tops...depends on how long you want it and how large the beads are) and large wooden beads (I used 6). 

I took the piece of scrap fabric (of course I'm not daring at all and stuck with off white!) and sewed it, making a tube that would fit snug around my beads.   

I made a knot in the very center of the fabric, then added a bead, then made a knot.  I added 3 beads and 3 knots on each side of the original knot.  (This was just so I knew I had centered everything.)  When I was finished, I sewed the 2 ends of the necklace together.    

I tried my finished necklace on for size...and Michael immediately loved it!  

Here's the (blurry) finished product.  

No fear of him breaking this one!  

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