Sunday, December 8, 2013

9 Months

Michael turned 9 months old on Saturday!  

Bathtime = splashtime!

Teeth: Has 5, working on #6

"Da-da" = Daddy
"Juuuuuuuu" = Jude
"Na-na" = Wants to nurse and go to bed

New Foods: puffs in any flavor, but especially likes banana ones...and has enjoyed vanilla wafers!

Mobility: Army crawls on his belly, pushing off with his right toe.

New Look: Growing (a little bit of) hair.  He's a blondie.  

Size: Anywhere from 6 month - 24 months.

Loves: Jude

Tolerates: Ellen as a playmate, especially if that means being in any "hideout" with her.

We love our Bubbs!

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