Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Michael!

One year ago we were blessed to welcome this sweet boy into our lives! 
(OK, 1 year and 3 days ago...)  

Michael is as sweet as can be and enjoys sitting back and taking in everything around him.  He has been the best infant sleeper we have had and has never thought twice about eating whatever combination of peas and green beans I offer him.  Michael adores Jude, who can always get a giggle out of him or cheer him up when he has his moments (mostly just when he's strapped in the car at school pick up).  He loves to read.  He loves any kind of ball.  He loves being outside.  And anything with wheels - including transformers.        

We love you Bubs!  

(So glad I did this because Mr. #4's baby book was looking a little slim.  
Copying these milestones on paper for him...eventually.)


  1. Happy birthday, Michael! Time flies!

  2. Happy Birthday, Michael! He is the cutest. :)

  3. Still can't believe he is 1 !! It has been fun seeing you grow sweet boy! :)

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