Friday, October 21, 2011

Easy Angry Birds Costume

We love Angry Birds around here.  And that was my inspiration for my Halloween costume for the party I went to last night.  And for about 50 cents and about 10 minutes of my time it turned out pretty well.

I simply took a red piece of poster board and cut out the shape of the bird freehand.  Added some angry eyes and angry eyebrows (I think those were key here) and an angry beak.  Added some tail feathers and stapled some red ribbon to the top so I could "wear" it easily.  Then I posed with my best guy for Clare to snap a picture of me all "dressed up."  (And this is why my head is cut off...)  

"Dora the Explorer" took home the "Best Costume" award.  She looked great!  (Which of course means I have no picture of her!)  A fun party with a fun group of ladies!

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  1. I want to see the Dora Costume!! You look great too!

  2. Looks so awesome!!!!!!!!


  3. Cute idea...gotta love fast, cheap costumes! Would you share it here?

  4. How fun! My husband is obsesed with that game. I should have made him a costume for Halloween!