Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Not as Scheduled...

We can now check "stitches" off our family bucket list.  We almost made it 6 years with kids without them. This weekend that changed.  In a game of "ghost tag" on Saturday evening, Clare ran right into a tree she didn't see (I'm blaming her father's genes on that one).  And as she later told the nurse in the ER, "My whole life flashed before my eyes!"  

Giving 2 thumbs up...she's going to be OK!

The bracelet was pretty much a huge hit.  She wore it to bed Saturday night and last night...might even make it into her baby book.

Getting ready for stitches around midnight.  Between the "happy juice" and being up waaay past her bedtime (and mine, too!), she did great!  She got 6 stitches in her face and then some glue on her neck as well.  

Feeling much better after sleeping until 10:30 AM...with her souvenir stickers!  Hoping for a lot less excitement this week!



  1. Poor Clare! It looks as if she took it like a pro. :) When my sister got stitches on her face they also gave her a little Vit. E oil to put on it every day to help with any possible scarring.

  2. Awe, poor thing. Those darn trees should watch out for little girls and make sure they get out of their way!