Thursday, January 19, 2012

Busting the Winter Doldrums

I did a little reorganizing here and there over the weekend.

A lot of Clare and Jude's board games, crafts, card games, puzzles, and other small pieced odds and ends are in this cabinet in the kitchen.  The only problem with that is they can't get to any of these things by themselves because the cabinet looks like this:

Such is life with a 1 year-old who puts everything in her mouth.  

So in an effort to make some of their goodies in their reach (and out of away from others) I bought some plastic drawers and reorganized the coat closet off the kitchen to accommodate them.  Now the older kids can open the door (Ellen doesn't do doorknobs) and find their things in their own designated space. 

I'm sure the contents speak for themselves as to who each drawer belongs to...    

And the top drawer for some of our favorite card games. 

PS - I also added new tabs at the top of my blog to organize things on here a bit.  :) 


  1. Love the tabs at the top of the blog! Super easy to find stuff. Nice "face lift":)