Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trivia Night

Happy Wednesday!  So here's my little announcement...Kelley over at The Grant Life has asked me to be part of her Mommy Panel and her "Labor & Delivery" series.  I'm up in a few weeks, but Jill from Two Yellow Birds Decor is starting things off today.  
You can check out the first post of the series here.     

And one of the nice things about being a parent is when grandpa and grandma babysit the kids...  
Our good friends were so thoughtful and hosted us at their trivia night table over the weekend.  (They must not have known how bad I am at trivia...although Ryan always makes up for us!)  

The "theme" for the night was Hollywood so we chose "Singing in the Rain" for our table.

The food was amazing (thanks to Mickey!).  Although my cookie typo was not so amazing...

Delicious and festive cake balls!

We looked so awesome in our matching rain coats that we were awarded an honorable mention!  

(Back view.)

Unfortunately that wasn't the only thing we were awarded because we came in...last!

Nonetheless we had a great time!  Thanks again for a fun evening, Steve and Mickey!


  1. I would actually love that prize. I might actually TRY to go for last place if it was a basket full of dum dums!

  2. we had a blast with you guys....looking forward to doing it again sometime! :)
    p.s. you can obviously see I finally figured out the comment thing :)