Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to Ryan

31 Reasons We Love You:
(*answers are from all family members in no particular order*)

  1. You wrestle with me. 
  2. You play bad guys with me.
  3. You like ice cream.
  4. You taught me to swim.
  5. You let me watch Elmo on your phone.
  6. You are encouraging.
  7. You take me to school.
  8. We watch hockey together.
  9. You make us laugh.
  10. You let me play Angry Birds on your phone.
  11. You like pumpkin pie.
  12. You feed me fudge-striped cookies.  
  13. You like NASCAR.
  14. You're my best guy.
  15. You play "Hot Box" with us.
  16. You work at the office.
  17. You like Christmas.
  18. You like Christmas lights.
  19. You like press cookies.
  20. You let me sleep in on Sundays.
  21. You don't like chocolate, so there's more for me.  
  22. You are optimistic.  
  23. You take care of the yard.
  24. Your favorite color is green.
  25. You pull my teeth out.  
  26. You like the 4th of July...and fireworks. 
  27. You're a good sport.
  28. You're a good teammate. 
  29. You are an aggressive driver (ed. note: particularly thankful for this on 09/05/10). 
  30. You like baseball. 
  31. Because I do.


  1. I just wanted to say, I LOVE your blog. My husband's birthday is this Tuesday and I hope you don't mind but I am going to steal your wonderful idea. I was trying to figure out how the kids could participate and there ways of thinking and reasoning in the young years are PRICELESS so THANK YOU. Thanks for inspiring other moms out there with your positivity. It makes the world a better place, I think. :-)