Thursday, March 8, 2012

Not-So-Exciting Home Improvement...

Long story short, we were having some water issues in our basement and discovered the previous (who were also the original) homeowners never put any flashing in place when they added the deck onto the house.  They left that job for us to do...or for us to hire someone to do it for us!  (So thoughtful!)  So here's our most exciting home improvement project to date...

                         "Before"                                                                       "After"
Shamrocks c/o Clare :)

The "during" pictures are much more exciting...

Don't you love spending money on something that you really can't "show off?"  


  1. Oh, how I hate these kind of surprise "projects"!! We had to do a garage door project a couple years ago that made me cringe knowing what fun stuff we could've done with the money instead:).

  2. that sucks tricia. just what you needed since you have NOTHING going on ;-)

  3. Thanks for your cute comments on my blog, Tricia! YES, I would not be excited about the spending money on something you can't show off. (This could be the first time in my life I don't mind perpetual renting! haha) Have a good night!

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