Friday, April 27, 2012

Our Week with Boomer!

Clare's class mascot, "Boomer" the dog, finally visited our house this week.  Clare was one of the last 3 kids to have a turn hosting, so this was a long-awaited houseguest!

Here's the fun that was had while Boomer was with us...

Saturday morning breakfast of French toast, a favorite.    

Boomer was able to celebrate our cousin's First Communion on Sunday.  
What a special day to have Boomer!  

We said that Boomer became an "idog" when he "ichatted" with my out-of-town parents/Clare's grandparents.  

Boomer even helped Clare with her nightly math homework!  What a smart dog!

He also enjoyed snuggling with Clare while she watched her current favorite show, "Wild Kratts."  

We had a fun week with you, Boomer!  Good luck on your next adventure!


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