Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trophy Husband


I was very thankful when my husband walked in the door yesterday evening and took over watching (and loving) my recently-ill-child-who-also-did-not-nap-yesterday-and-shall-remain-nameless.  

He took her out of the kitchen while I finished making dinner, he gave her a bath, he took her on a walk, and when she was in bed he offered me a glass of wine.  

And that's not all...  Today he is watching her while he works from home this morning so I can go to my last MOPS meeting of the year in peace and not be anxious that "someone" is a hot crying mess for the MOPS babysitters.  

Hands down best husband/daddy around!  Thank you, Ryan!!!!!  Next round of golf is on me - ha ha.


  1. yes, he gets a trophy! That sick-kid-hot-mess is something I know all too well, our middle son (almost 3) was like that last week, so much so that I was just glued to his side ont eh couch giving snuggles for days, and every time I broke away to nurse the baby he cried until I came back. It was pathetic and sad and made me feel old and worn out beyond belief. I hope you enjoyed the MOPS meeting, it is so nice to spend time with other mommies without the little ones hanging on to our pantlegs:)


  2. The give and take of marriage is a beautiful thing! A cooking session alone in the kitchen for you; a golf game for him! Gotta love it!