Monday, August 6, 2012

Dear Summer -

I really hate to complain, but I usually look forward to your care free days every year: catching lightening bugs, playing and picnicking at the local parks, watching fireworks, enjoying flower gardens in bloom, eating ice cream cones on the deck, and days full of sunshine.

But this year, you've just been too hot for too long.  I have not been a fan of breaking a sweat standing outside at swim team practice at 8 AM, or lugging my sprinkler around my scorched yard and flower beds.  We've been cooped up inside a lot because many times it has simply been too hot to even swim.  

Right now you have us looking forward to cool fall temperatures, pumpkin patches, apple cider, pumpkin cookies, hay rides, fall walks, pumpkin bread, and (dare I admit) the first day of school!

Better luck next year...


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  1. I love this blog.=) We are 1500 miles away from my family. I have my 4 sweet kids and husband to keep me company but it sure is hard sometimes! Sometimes you have to go away to grow your family.=)