Friday, August 10, 2012

Post-Surgery Gratitude

(Linking up with Jen on this happy Friday.)

Ellen an abdominal hernia operated on last Friday and all ended better than I expected.  I was preparing for the worst and was blessed with the best...not just from Ellen, but from others as well.  

1. The surgeon prayed with us when he met with us before the procedure.  Nothing more could put you more at ease then when the doctor operating on your child offers up a prayer.  I knew there was a reason I liked him.    

2.  Grandma and Grandpa hosted a sleepover for Clare and Jude the night before surgery since we had to be a the hospital at 6 AM.  (Not that I would have bored them and brought them anyway.)  My kids looked forward to spending the night there all week!  

3.  I was very thankful for the texts and emails I received the day of surgery from friends and family checking in on us.  We definitely were feeling the love.   

4. Balloons.  Nothing holds greater healing power.  Especially when they are from an out of town aunt (godmother) and uncle and are delivered to your door and then show up in your bedroom while you are taking your afternoon nap.  

5. Meals.  Our very sweet friends brought us meals for the days after surgery.  I cannot express how touched we were by their very kind (and delicious!) gesture.

6.  I couldn't have asked for an easier recovery for Miss Ellen.  Once she had some juice and teddy grahams after surgery she probably would have walked out of the hospital if they would have let her.  Other than waking up during the night in the 2 nights after surgery, she was back to her normal self quickly.  

7.  Most of all I'm thankful that the whole thing is over and that it was barely even a big deal for Ellen, and in return, for us!  

Happy Friday!

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