Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"The Force is Strong with this One."

Jude recently watched all 3 original Star Wars movies and is an official Star Wars fanatic and "expert."
Movies currently being viewed here...

Library books currently checked out...
(The visual dictionary is especially being enjoyed.)  

In between watching it and reading about it, we are often requested to act out various Star Wars movie scenes.   

The cast of characters includes...
Jude as Luke Skywalker.
Clare as Princess Leia.
Ryan as Anikan Skywalker.
Me as Princess Padame.

Ellen...as Yoda.


(Jude also moonlights as Han Solo, frozen in carbonite.)  

And this letter to Santa was penned yesterday...

"Dear Santa,
Please can I have a green lightsaber that glows in the dark?
And I want it green.
Can I please have that green lightsaber?
From, Jude"

May the force be with you!

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