Friday, September 21, 2012

Chalkboard/Magnetic Menu Board

I love me some MOPS.  Breakfast is always amaaaaazing, the company of other moms is always much-welcomed, and the crafts we do are great!  

At our last meeting, we made menu boards.  (Idea found here, also made at a MOPS meeting!)   

Hardy-har-har!  :) 

The "board" is a small cookie sheet.  It was painted with chalkboard paint.  So you can either use magnets to post your menu for the week or write it in chalk.  

Holes were also drilled in the top of the cookie sheet to hang the menu board by ribbon if desired.  

I made my magnets out of clothespins.  Some ladies decided to make magnets out of beer/bottle caps.  (Similar to these.) 

Clare has enjoyed seeing what's on the menu for dinner each night and anticipating her favorites!

Have a great weekend!

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