Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 on the 10th

Linking up with A Bit of Sunshine for a later than usual post today.  
Ten pictures that captured the beauty of today...

Unloading the dishwasher this morning and noticed dishes were in a "ROY G BIV" arrangement of sorts.  

Made four "make and take" freezer meals at my MOPS meeting this morning.  Nothing is more beautiful than dinner ready to go!  
(I'll share favorite recipes from this later...and they're all crock pot ones no less!)

My cooler stocked to go home with potato soup, chicken teriyaki, beef stroganoff, and honey glazed pork chops.  

Ellen put the lunch dishes the shoe basket in the laundry room.

Tunnel slide.  My body now hurts just looking at this...

Beautiful fall decor.  

Waiting for Clare in style.

A 2 year-old here is obsessed with My Little Ponies.  And her purple pumpkin.  

Pigtails + Oatmeal Cream Pie = Love 

Bedtime reading.  

Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Great photos, and it looked like a lovely day too.

  2. love those little pigtails!! :)

  3. Never ending dishes...
    Adorable piggy tails!
    My son tends to put the dishes in the recycling bin, always a surprise - so cute she chose the shoes, haha!
    Fun shots, looks like a great day.

  4. looks like a busy day. the make and take meals is such a great idea!