Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Firmoo Review

I have used glasses since the 5th grade and worn contacts since I was 15.  I rely mostly on my contacts now, but always have a pair of glasses to use occasionally around the house in the morning or at night.  The pair I was currently using was from 5 years ago, from right before I had Jude.  And with a new baby (meaning sleepless nights) arriving, I wanted to update that pair of glasses knowing I would most likely be choosing glasses over contacts after long nights.  So when Firmoo contacted me about trying their product, I was happy to oblige.   

Firmoo is an online store for prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses (Ryan is a fan of this option!), and even fashion glasses (no prescription required!) at an affordable price.  In fact, they offer a FREE pair of glasses for new customers, you only pay shipping!  
(For more FAQ about Firmoo, click here.)   

I eagerly took my eye prescription, found a new set of (much more modern!) frames, easily entered all of the requested information onto the Firmoo website, and was wearing my new glasses within 10 days.

I love how lightweight and comfortable these are to wear!   

(Here are the new frames I chose.)  

To get your free first pair of Firmoo glasses (complete with hard glasses case, cleaning cloth, and glasses repair kit!) you can visit Firmoo here and be on your way to enjoying your own new pair of stylish eyeglasses!  


  1. SO cute, Tricia! I just ordered my first pair of frames in five years; I went through Warby Parker. To have glasses I'll actually wear...it's kind of exciting. :)

  2. Good choice! You are very beautiful sweet friend!


  3. A big eye opener! Get ready for more surprises as we descend the great age barrier reef. No worries, though. Grace abounds even greater!

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