Wednesday, March 27, 2013


We have been on the receiving end of kindness the past few days...

It snowed here in epic proportions this weekend.  When Ryan went out to shovel the documented 15 inches, he was met with our neighbor and his snowblower.  The driveway has never been cleared so quickly!    

How you know you have good neighbors!

Our friends grew wheatgrass for Easter and were kind enough to grow extras for friends.  The kids have enjoyed watching this green grass blossom! 

And this is not the first meal we have received, but one of many that our friends and family have kindly brought our way since Michael's arrival.  

Very grateful for these thoughtful gestures!


  1. Such kindness surrounding you, Tricia! And something tells me it is much deserved! Enjoy your Easter with that beautiful family, friend! : )

  2. Love hearing about the generosity of others. Thanks for sharing the goodness of people around you. Happy Easter! ...and I hope that snow melts soon. ugh!!