Friday, February 7, 2014

11 Months!

This sweet boy is 11 months old! 

Passes the Time: Loves to look out the window.  The view here is snow snow snow snow.  Especially loves watching older siblings playing in the snow.  

Favorite Family Member: Jude!  Daddy is becoming a close second.

New Favorite Posture: Kneeling!  A lot!  Propped up on anything he can find and even on his own! We lowered the crib a few weeks ago because of his new trick.  

Also Seen: Crawling on all fours as opposed to his fastest method of transportation, the army crawl. 

Sleeps: Morning nap and afternoon nap.  (And I love that both are uninterrupted on snow days!) Usually up once around 1AM to nurse during the night.  

Favorite Foods: Loves noodles, especially spaghetti.  

Entertainment: Likes to "dance" to music.  Loves to clap.  Can do "SO BIG!"  

Loves to: Snuggle.  Especially in the morning and after naps.  Such a sweet sweet boy.  

I can't believe we will celebrate his 1st birthday next month!  

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