Thursday, April 14, 2011

"A visit to the farm."

 I recently took the kids to a local farm with a special "Easter Village" and they loved it!

We started out swinging on the rope in the barn.

The tractors in the corn were a big hit.  
It has me thinking we need to make our own box of dry beans into something bigger since they enjoyed this so much.  

Jude LOVED petting all of the baby animals! 
It was hard to get pictures of him because he was literally a blur of excitement running to each animal!   

They were all pretty cute!

Big smiles!

These lambs were twins.  

There was also a cow milking demonstration.  

Clare and Jude each had a turn milking Amy the cow.  

One last stop by the piglets.  It was their first day out on display.  

Petting the bunnies.  

Of course no trip to an "Easter Village" is complete without a visit to see the Easter Bunny!

Somehow I usually luck out and always get a decent shot of my kids with any holiday figure on the first try.  I thought I got a good one the first time here, but it wasn't until I got home that I noticed poor Ellen.

She's better here, but Jude is totally intrigued by the bunny...

And Clare told me that she knows the Easter Bunny is just someone in a costume.  
I can't say that I blame her questioning a giant rabbit sneaking in to leave Easter goodies.  

Or maybe she remembers when Grandma chaired "Breakfast with the Bunny" one year and Aunt Margaret tried on the bunny costume...

A giant bunny head with human hands...hmmmm...

Anyway, this was the scene in the backseat as we pulled into the driveway after our day on the farm.

 My idea of a successful outing = everyone asleep when we reach our garage!

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