Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lenten Countdown

This is something the kids like doing every year for Lent to countdown to Easter.  
We make a big purple chain with good deeds to do for each day of Lent.  

The link for Easter is yellow and also has an "action item" on it:  

We have our's hanging where we can see it every day.  
Here's what's left:

Clare and Jude enjoy waking up and immediately tearing a link off of the chain.  
It also gives them a visualization of how many days are left until Easter.  

While I was working on gluing the chain, Clare made some Lenten symbols with the leftover scraps.  
(A cross, a rope, and a nail - I have to say the nail is my favorite.)

PS - Part of the territory that comes with potty training...

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