Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stations of the Cross Box

I saw this idea and thought it would be the perfect way to help our kids learn about the Stations of the Cross during Lent.  (And I was right because they have really enjoyed looking through the box by themselves or having me lead them with our children's Stations book.)

The idea is to make a symbol that represents each Station.  

1st Station - Jesus is condemned - piece of rope
2nd Station - Jesus takes up his cross - cross
3rd Station - Jesus falls the first time - bandaid
4th Station - Jesus meets his mother - picture of Mary 
5th Station - Simon helps Jesus - "helping hand"

6th Station - Veronica wipes the face of Jesus - cloth with picture of Christ's face on it
7th Station - Jesus falls the second time - bandaid
8th Station - Jesus meets the women - kleenex for their tears
9th Station - Jesus falls the third time - bandaid
10th Station - Jesus is striped of his clothes - we made a little tunic 

11th Station - Jesus is nailed to the cross - 3 nails
12th Station - Jesus dies on the cross - small crucifix
13th Station - Jesus is placed in Mary's arms - Pieta picture printed from online (and cut out by Clare)
14th Station - Jesus is laid in the tomb - rock

I found a cardboard box to keep everything in, along with our Stations of the Cross book for children.  I am in the process of covering it with religious pictures (mostly from Catholic catalogs) and plan to cover the box with contact paper or decoupage the pictures on it to make it last. 


  1. oh i love it! nice drawing of jesus too..didn't know you were such a good artist! you're so creative...i'm going to have to do all these ideas you have next year for Lent!

  2. Thank you for your idea, thank you!