Monday, May 14, 2012

My Portrait - by Jude

I know I've gone all "Mom Haircut," but I didn't realize just how short Jude thinks my hair is until this came home from preschool...

And my very large and green!  :)

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  1. I love kids' artworks! As an art teacher I just marvel at how kids depict things in their environment, like moms and dads and siblings too. As an educator I give presentations to the parents (PTO) about child development as seen through art. And here is what I see in Jude's "drawing" - Jude must see your eyes as big and beautiful and loving. Children do not draw for "real." They draw what they know, not what they see.(that happens around 6th grade) Jude also knows that you are very self conscious of your hair right now and that shows Jude's awareness of "events." The head shape by itself shows that Jude is also aware of this particular part of the body. It is very important to a child to recognize a parent's face and head. The arms, legs and torso will come later. And when Jude draws a "person" (known as a schema in art ed terms - the people all look the same, and that is normal and good cognitive development, not art "talent") standing at the bottom of the paper or on grass, then Jude is becoming aware of the environment around her (him?) I like the smile too! What a happy Mommy you are! And Jude knows that.
    Interesting no?