Friday, May 25, 2012

Quick Takes

I'm hoping on the 7 Quick Takes Friday bandwagon here we go...

--- 1 ---
Since it's the beginning of a new weekend, so I'll share the excitement from last weekend.  Painting the bathroom ceiling.  We know how to have a good time!

This also means I want to repaint the bathroom.  Not feeling the green in there, so I'm coming up with another color scheme/plan.  Stay tuned...

--- 2 ---
Kindergarten is officially over!  So all of Clare's school supplies came home this week, including her rest mat.  I'm afraid to know what else came with it.  It has since been well disinfected!

--- 3 ---
I'm pleased to announce that my deck flowers are blooming!  Since I planted them as seeds (and have no green thumb) I am quite proud of myself!

My basil is also growing nicely and we made and enjoyed our first batch of homemade pesto this week.  Delish.

--- 4 ---
The other day Jude came in very upset that he lost his "fun guy" that Clare had given him.  I assumed he was talking about some toy figurine/action figure.  Then I realized he was talking about a "fungi"...a mushroom Clare had found growing in the yard and given him.  I think we are watching too many nature shows around here.  

--- 5 ---
Summer temperatures are holding steady and I'm getting my money's worth out of my summer wardrobe.  Although with some recent purchases, I must have been seeing stripes during my shopping expeditions...

--- 6 ---
I won't be doing any baking, or using my oven at all, anytime soon.  I was making banana bread this week and the heating coil at the bottom of the oven caught on fire and melted in half!  That was a little bit too much excitement for me.  Thankfully we can grill, take advantage of the crock pot, and use the stovetop until the "situation" is fixed!

--- 7 ---
Happy Friday!  Happy weekend!

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  1. Holy cow! Thats crazy about the heating coil.. glad it wasnt much worse. Scary stuff! And yay for flowers blooming! :)