Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Recent Happenings/Happiness

 Clare and Jude have had the crayons out a lot lately.  I've enjoyed some of their recent creations...

"Rapunzel's Hair" by Clare
"Optimus Prime" by Jude

Jude was playing outside the other day and came running inside to tell me their was a "lizard" (or is it a salamander?) in the garage....

"Right there."


 I bought new cups for the older kids after realizing our stash of non-sippy cups was pretty pathetic.  At 44 cents a pop these plastic ones are making some people feel pretty darn mature.  

Summer popsicle stash has hit the freezer.  Someone is a "pop-a-cle" fan!

Love my stylin' new contacts case!  My favorite color, too!

And a Happy Birthday to Joseph, the baby in my family who turns 19 today!  
Good luck with finals!  

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