Friday, June 8, 2012

Out and About - Quick Takes Style

Happy Friday!
Summertime is here and we are surviving enjoying the free time and time together!  

--- 1 ---
Unknown to Clare, I took Jude and Ellen to an event put on by the city department of transportation during the last week of school.  Jude was in heaven.  

--- 2 ---
Clare started swim team last week.  She was in her room the other day and I was calling her and not getting a response.  I went upstairs to see what she was up to and found her sound asleep.

Maybe Ellen can join swim team??  

--- 3 ---
During our recent visit to see my family, the married siblings and their spouses went out for an alfresco  dinner at the country club my sisters and I all worked at during high school and college.  It was a full circle moment.

Thanks for the photo, MJK.

My parents were kind enough to babysit...and even took the kids out for ice cream.
--- 4 ---
We have been enjoying the school park near our house.  It is close enough to walk there, but I chickened out and drove the other day (which ended up being wise because we had to leave when a bathroom emergency hit).   

It was actually cool that day and Ellen was making quite the fashion statement with some high-water pants and WHITE tennis shoes.  

--- 5 ---
Miss Ellen loves to swing.  No, not in the baby swing on the swing set or even on a big swing slowly by herself.  She likes to swing as high as possible on the glider...with me.  Of course.


--- 6 ---
We went to the local movie theater the other day for the free summer movie.  
Ellen actually did better than what I anticipated and I thought the whole thing went pretty well.  Then on our way out  Jude sat on the 6+ foot 3D Madagascar 3 cardboard cutout (right where it says "DO NOT SIT") and the whole thing fell over.


We may be blacklisted at the theater, especially because when we went back this week that 3D promo was not to be found.

--- 7 ---
We officially signed up for summer reading at the library.  Clare and I have been enjoying the Pippi Longstocking books together.  And Jude checked out about half of the dinosaur section.

Hope your summer is off to a good start!
Have a great weekend!

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