Friday, June 8, 2012

Oven Success

I have been without an oven for the past 2 weeks.  And tonight all of that changed when we successfully installed a new heating element  (Do we know how to rock a Friday night or what??)
Major accomplishment here, people.  

(True success will be measured once said oven has successfully baked something...)  

New part has arrived!

Before...not so good.

Old part out.

New part in...and working...without the house catching on fire.

I can't lie and say we figured any of this our ourselves.  But I can thank youtube for giving me my oven back!  This video was very helpful for non-DIY-ers like ourselves.  

Jude will be happy we can finally make sugar cookies (from refrigerated dough) tomorrow!


  1. Hoooray! Happy yall have your oven back :)

  2. Wow, two weeks is a long time. Good job for installing it yourselves, very empowering! Sure beats paying someone $80 an hour to do it. Great way to celebrate...cookies!

  3. Tricia, thank you so much for coming over and visiting at Quirky Vistas. I love seeing that you all fixed the oven yourself! Woo! Thank goodness for youtube. I have found so many videos showing me how to do things there. Sweet. Doesn't it feel great to accomplish something like that? Way to go!

  4. Haha, good job not burning the house down! I would be lost without my oven, because I love baked goods a little too much!