Monday, June 25, 2012

A Room for My Best Guy

I recently (finally) put some finishing touches on Jude's bedroom.  
(Even though he's slept in there for almost 2 years.)  

His room was a "spare room" for the previous homeowners, but more specifically was the pretend classroom for their daughter.  We used it as a playroom when we first moved into the house.  

We thought about keeping the chalkboard wall, but all of the chalk dust accumulated on the baseboards and I didn't like how messy it was for a bedroom.  

We washed the chalkboard wall and dried it, then primed over that wall.  Then I painted the room when I was 8 months pregnant (needless to say, I don't recommend that unless you have a personal masseuse).

Now a very happy 4 year-old calls this room his own!  

Made my own roman shade...thanks, Martha!

Pictures of Jude on a digger and a young Ryan on a tractor.  

St. Jude framed calendar art

We are NASCAR people

Stop by tomorrow for a tutorial on how I made the slipcovered headboard.  

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  1. Very cute! Love the idea of the chalkboard wall for a playroom, but I can totally see why you painted over it. What a fun space!

  2. It turned out great! I'm planning on redecorating my boys' bedrooms soon and was considering a chalkboard wall in one of them... maybe it isn't such a great idea.

    Dropping by from Organize and Decorate link party. :)

  3. Looks great! No wonder he's happy!!!
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  4. Looks very nice. Clean and neat. Was thinking about doing chalkboards paint with frames around them to create instant artwork, but now I'm rethinking on account of your chalk dust issue. You may have a very good point.

  5. Very cute room - perfect for a little guy!
    Thanks for linking up this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change