Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Advent: Repost and Humor

 Since Advent began this past Sunday, today I'm reposting our favorite Advent traditions.  
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We have been talking about Advent and ways to prepare for Jesus to be born on Christmas.  
So when Jude asked to watch a movie in the car on a short trip yesterday, I told him that we could listen to a Vacation Bible CD instead.  I said, "Remember since it is Advent and whose birthday are we getting ready for?" 
His response: "Um, mine?"  (Um, no.)

Then when we sat down to read from our Advent book last night and I was explaining, "This is a special book because Jesus's birthday is on..."
His response was: "Wednesday?"  (Um, no again.) 

Thankfully we have 21 more days to get the message through to him...

Have a Blessed Advent!

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