Thursday, December 13, 2012

Favorite Homemade Ornaments

Today I'm sharing some of our beloved homemade ornaments from years past...
(Click on the caption on each picture to see how to make your own.)  

Jude and I made this Santa ornament together last year from a small paintbrush.  Cute and easy for a 3 year-old boy to make with some assistance.  

We have made these ornaments for each of the kids after their first trip to the beach.  Jude and Clare's are made with sand from Virginia Beach.  Ellen's is from the Outer Banks.  

My sister made these cinnamon ornaments as a bridal shower favor.  The kids love smelling these throughout the week day hour. 

I made these ornaments last year for both of my sisters who were brides in 2011 and gave them as Christmas gifts.  I think they turned out pretty neat.  And that I need to make one for myself!   

These homemade ornaments are some of our favorites!

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