Friday, February 1, 2013

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

Linking up with Julie today and sharing what "I'm Loving Right Now..."  I love this idea because it reminds me to find the silver lining in the daily grind!

1.  Crossing things off my "to-do" list.  We're making headway on some house projects and that always makes me happy!    

2.  Catholic Schools Week is this week.  Clare has enjoyed a week of "dress-down" days, a pep rally, a magic show, a mission project, and a movie.  It's her favorite week of the school year, mostly because she loves the annual pajama dress-down day!  

3.  Watching Jude and Ellen play together in the mornings.  They have been keeping themselves happily entertained after breakfast and in return I'm able to get a start on the day (making beds, cleaning up from breakfast, folding laundry) without any fighting or early boredom.

4.  Figuring out and ordering plants for my flower gardens.  I have a plan in place and like to add a few things every year.  After living in our current house for 3 years I feel like I'm getting somewhere (even though I didn't inherit my mom's green thumb)!


5.  Game time with Jude and Clare.  Clare has been good about finishing her homework right after school, so we've been enjoying games together in the evenings.  They really like "Guess Who," the new game Clare got from Aunt Katie for Christmas.  Uno has been another recent favorite.   

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!

PS - Will the groundhog see his shadow?  And if he doesn't, does that mean less days of school because spring and consequently summer will be here early?  Because Clare would really like to know...


  1. Good Morning, Tricia...I love this idea... And I love your an #1 as well. I love my to do list...and I love crossing things off even more!

    #3...Oh I have memories of this! It sounds just like my Peyton and Rhett when they were little. Miss those days! Thankfully, I have Flynn here with me...her friends are Littlr Bear and Oswald in the morning!

    #5...Yay for game time! We love Hedbanz here. Have you tried that one?

    Have a great weekend...and we will be watching that groundhug too!

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    2. And I really need to Preview and Edit before I Publish...or stop trying to type in the dark! Sorry!

  2. I remember Catholic Schools Week! Such good memories!

  3. Yay house projects! Those are ALWAYS good to have done! Thanks for linking up! :)