Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The "Big Girl" Room

We are wrapping up some small projects around the house before this baby makes his debut.  Ellen is officially out of the crib and in a big girl bed!  (The transition actually couldn't have gone any easier....maybe because I always prepare for the worst!?)  She moved into Clare's room and is on the bottom bunk while Clare is enjoying oldest-sisterhood and reigning on the top bunk bed.  

The room used to have this built-in bench in this alcove.  It was actually at an odd height to really sit on.  It did have storage underneath, but we really never used it for anything.  So all in all, it was kind of taking up a large chunk of space in the room.  

We took it out...

...then painted, I extended the diamonds all the way to the floor, and added in baseboards.  

And here it is all finished...

We knew the room would feel more open with the (large) bunk bed tucked to the side, but underestimated just how much bigger the room would feel!       

The bed no longer blocks the window (like it did here before)... 

and there's a lot more floor space to play.

Overall, operation big-girl room has been a success!!


  1. What a bonus that there was an outlet hidden behind the seat!

  2. What a fun room for those two little ones! I was going to first comment on how much I love little built-in seats like those...but then after seeing what the room looked like without it, I have changed my opinion ;)

    What a fun mom you are!

  3. LOVE the room!! We are going to be moving into a new home in the next few months and you have inspired me to do something fun on the walls of my daughters room.

  4. Beautiful job on the diamonds! And it is nice for the window to be unblocked. Very pretty girls' room! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Looks great! Love the argyle / diamond patten on the wall! Taking out that bench seat sure did make a difference. :)

  6. The bed on the other wall makes so much more since. The diamonds turned out awesome. Beautiful space!