Monday, April 22, 2013

{Last} Week

We were lucky enough to enjoy a visit from not just one, but TWO grandmas here last week!  My mom and grandma made the trip and we enjoyed every minute of their visit.  

Michael with his great-grandma

Some of the highlights of their trip in no particular order...

1. Jude telling me he saw my mom's teeth in the bathroom.  They were actually just retainers.

2.  Ellen turning the corner in potty training with our house guests were here.  That was a good thing because she needed a large audience to tell her they were "so! happy!" on her accomplishments.  

3.  I very much enjoyed help with the laundry!  (Especially since it has seemed to somehow quadruple since Michael's arrival!)  

4.  Ellen attaching herself to my mom...and "teaching" her "new" words: 
"Grandma say 'Bob.'  Say 'tomato.'  Now all-together...say 'Bob the tomato.' "

5.  A 1:1 evening/dinner time ratio of adults to children!

6.  Playing cards, assembling puzzles, cooking with pot holders, Barbies, bubbles, and sleepovers in the loft.  

Looking forward to Aunt Margaret's visit next!  


  1. I love that picture, Tricia...and I am so happy you enjoyed such a wonderful visit. New baby visits with mom and grandma=the best! : ) Have a wonderful Monday, friend!

  2. That picture is beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful visit!