Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Things He Says...

"Now that Michael is out of your belly you can wear your wedding dress again!"

To Michael in the bouncer seat as he's heading upstairs: "Michael, stay downstairs!"

"Spider monkeys don't have thumbs."

"He's [Michael] the best brother I ever had!"

"Hey Clare, don't you wish you were me?"

Jude: What are some of my nicknames?
Me: Jude-bug, Buggy, Judy...
Jude: Yeah, and "Helper Boy" and "Favor Boy."


  1. Love love love Tricia! So sweet...and how wonderful you have them here to look back upon and smile. : )

  2. He is so funny. I love that he asked Clare if she wishes she was him. And also his nicknames for himself...hahaha!