Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Super Sentences

Every few nights Clare has to write 3 sentences on her phonics homework.  At least one sentence is supposed to be "super"(AKA very descriptive), but usually all 3 of her sentences are "super."  I might be biased, but I have been enjoying reading her completed homework assignment on those nights!  Here is some of her most recent writing:     

"The mailman is delivering a small red valentine to the little boy."

"The cat is so high and so scared to go down."

"The happy small horse is trotting in circles."

"The playful little kitten is running and being chased by the fat dog."

There are several family members that have been told they have a way with written words and I think Clare has inherited that gene!  


  1. How old is she? Her handwriting is awesome!

  2. A+++ work there, Tricia! Don't you just love being a mom? : )

  3. So cute! She is doing a great job!! Love when the excel and you get to 'see' them grow!

  4. Tricia, these are great!! I am very impressed!