Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5 Favorites

Happy Wednesday!  I'm joining Hallie via Grace and company today for my 5 favorites this week...

1. Jose Cuervo Light Margaritas.  Salted.  I was just pregnant last summer and didn't get to enjoy many of these once the warm weather was upon us.  To me these really are the perfect summertime adult beverage!   


2. Downton Abby.  I'm late in the game on this one (better late than never, right?!) so we've settled into a routine of watching one every night.  (Other adults in our house may not admit to partaking in this viewing, but I assure you they indeed are!)  Perfect activity when you're nursing and nursing and nursing a certain 2 month old to bed!

3.  This book.

From the cover you can tell I've had it (and referenced it) since Clare was born.  It's nice to get a refresher as to what Michael will be up to next.  I seriously forget what milestones we're approaching each time I have a baby.  And upon reading that Michael would enjoy black and white pictures, I have our favorite infant book on reserve for him at the library:


4.  Visitors!  We were lucky enough to have my younger sister, Aunt Margaret, here for a few days.  The kids enjoyed her visit very much.  I know she reallllly enjoyed listening to Green Eggs and Ham and playing Just Dance 4!    

5.  The hubs!  Ryan was on a 5 day business trip and is now home!  Hooray!  I think Ellen is the happiest of all!  


  1. Aren't sisters visiting the BEST? Have a nice day, friend!

  2. We have that book, and I look at the growth chart in the back more than anything! I don't know how you wives/moms do it having a husband who travels. Kudos to you!

  3. I'm late on the Downtown Abby thing too. My MIL lent me the first season, but have yet to pop it in the DVD player. ;)