Friday, May 17, 2013

Seven Quickies

Linking up with Jen today with life here at the moment...

1.  Jude has been perfecting his gaming talent with a Lego Star Wars Xbox game that is on loan to him.   These are pretty much the greatest days of his life!  

2. Michael isn't too interested in tummy time for his 17 lbs. self!

 3. We made avocado dip a few weeks ago when my sister came to visit.  I bought avocados the day before and they were in no way ripe.  After some googling, I discovered putting the avocados in a brown bag with an apple would speed up the ripening process.  They were perfect in 24 hours!  (And so was the tomato I stuck in there, too!)  All guacamole cravings will no longer be waiting on avocados to ripen!

4. We have officially hit the "big family" qualification when purchasing peanut butter!  It's a 4 pounder.

5.  I'm quite proud of myself for printing out a picture of Michael for "his" frame on the steps.  It only took me 2 1/2 months!

6.  Happy Birthday to my mom tomorrow!  Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!!

7.  And a happy weekend to all!


  1. Happy Birthday Tricia's mom! Love your pics, Tricia...Happy Weekend. : )

  2. Two things:
    #1 - Is Michael really 17 pounds already?! Wow. My Michael is just about 17 pounds and is 5.5 months old.
    #2 - Umm...I've been buying that size jar of peanut butter for years. And I'm the only one who eats it. I feel a little gluttonous now. :)

    1. Technically he 's really 16lbs. 13 oz. ;) Jude was almost as big and tapered off as he got more mobile. In the meantime I'm hoping in getting some kind of awesome arm work out! And I enjoy many a pbj myself!