Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Binks and Babies

Last night was night #3 of no bink for Miss Ellen!  We weren't necessarily planning on ditching the habit at the moment, but it just kind of happened.  (Unlike when the time came for Clare to let it go and we had a plan that was set up weeks in advance!)  Ellen was starting to sneak her bink during the day, which ultimately led to her losing the last one we had.  I seriously have no idea where the last man standing went...and hopefully Ellen isn't the one that somehow finds it!  

In other news, I'm taking Michael in for his 2 month check up today.  I'm thinking he's not going to have a problem hitting the 100+ percentile for weight!  


  1. That same thing happened with Madison...I still remember wa naptime and we couldn't find her last binkie...we looked EVERYWHERE...and finally I told her we would have to try without it...I was sooo freaked out, but she just shrugged her shoulders and said ok. And that was it. I did find it months later, jammed under the table. realist...was so easy. I told her one day she was getting kinda big for a binkie, and she took it out of her mouth, walked over to the garbage, and threw it away. That was that.

    Rhett...number 3 clue. Poor guy.

    Flynn...never took one! Amen!

    Have a good well child check up...he is a cutie! : )

  2. Cute cute cute! I love chubby babies. Quinn turns two months on Saturday, so I'll be taking her in too. Babies are the best. :)