Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Book Review {Catholic Family Gifts}

Summer is in full swing here.  School is out and the kids are home full-time which means I need to be on my "A" game every day.  Taking time for myself helps me be a better mom.  If I take care of myself, I can take care of them.  One way to fulfill this is to have some quiet time and do some spiritual reading.

Catholic Family Gifts was kind enough to recently send me a copy of A Book of Saints for Catholic Momswritten by Lisa Hendey.

I have only had this book for a few weeks, but I am really enjoying it and looking forward to using it throughout the year!  Each of the 52 chapters contains the story of a saint, from the well-known Blessed Mother to lesser known holy men and women like Josephine Bakhita.  Then goes on to share lessons and wisdom that can be learned from their life.  Scripture verses are given for the week, as well as activities for both you and your children for the week.  Each chapter has a specific prayer to pray asking for the intercession of the saint and then closes with some food for thought for the week.  I have been inspired in my quiet time by these holy men and women!

To purchase A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms and other spiritual reading materials, go to  Catholic Family Gifts offers beautiful religious goods for any occasion, from sacramental gifts to devotional seasonal items.  They are a family business that is run out of Illinois and are committed to helping you "Bring the Faith Home."

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  1. Beautiful book, Tricia...and you are soooo right. Mommy needs to care for herself before she can care for the needs of others. A bit of quiet time every afternoon does the trick here. : )

    Oh, and I am making your Parmesan green beams tonight!

  2. Thanks for the book suggestion Tricia! Just ordered a copy!