Monday, June 17, 2013

The Things He Says...

On a recent stay at my parents' house, their front porch was being rebuilt and the men working on it told Jude they were also firefighters.  When they asked what job his dad does, Jude told them:
"My dad makes money."

Clare, Jude, and Ellen are occupied with paint sets.  Jude eagerly tells us what he has made:
"I'm painting throw up!"

I hold up a pair of camouflage cargo shorts (i.e. not elastic-waist/drawstring athletic shorts) for Jude to wear.  His response:
"Those pants are too church-able."

Public service announcement by Jude while I'm making dinner using crescent rolls:
"When dough is dry it's called crust." 

He definitely keeps us on our toes!

Happy Monday!

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