Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Five Favorites

Linking it up over at Hallie's with my five favorites right now...

1. Michael's new baby blanket.  It was a gift for his baptism and has become his "tummy time" blanket.  Of course the handsome lad on the blanket is also a favorite of mine. :) 

2.  Granola.  I was in a breakfast funk and granola has been my cure.  I made this homemade granola last week and it was really good.  (Thanks McSisters!)  And surprisingly enough a store brand's "granola with almonds" has also been really good.  Clare and Jude have also joined the granola bandwagon.

3.  Dry shampoo.  Why I've only just tried this stuff out is beyond me.  I blow dry my curly hair and once the summer heat kicks in (which it has!) it's never fun to be standing under the hair dryer for 15 minutes.  


4.  The pool.  As I mentioned summer temps are here and the pool keeps us all sane.  And wears us all out! 

I'm talking about the real pool, but couldn't resist this throw back of Clare!

5.  Arts and crafts.  Clare, Jude, and Ellen have been keeping themselves busy the past few days with paints, crayons, markers, "fun" scissors, and stamps.  I always enjoy seeing what they create!

Head over to Hallie's for more...


  1. Love the blanket, Tricia... And love your handsome little man!

    Summer pool days outside followed by snuggly quiet time inside are my favorites too! : )

  2. Aw, we're 5F baby blanket twins this week! I love that one. Do you know where your friends (family?) found it? LOVE the quilted look. :)

  3. Ahhh! I can't stand the personalized blanket cuteness this week! Too awesome!

  4. Ohhh those chubby cheeks and wrist rolls! I need to try dry shampoo one of these days...

  5. LOVE the blanket!! Your little one is such a cutie.
    I always love reading your five favorites.