Wednesday, August 7, 2013

FIVE Months

I know it sounds extremely cliche to say it, but I can't believe Michael is already 5 months old!  He's getting too big too fast.  I feel like he was itty bitty for a day and since then has been a big boy.

He's not so sure about the "applesaucer" (as Jude refers to it), but still loves the bouncer seat.  Although now he has to be buckled because he's rolling all over and over and over.

He is the best nighttime sleeper I have ever had and slept ELEVEN straight hours the other night.  (I did not know this skill was possible at this age...)

He's discovered he has a voice and it's sweet to hear him babbling to himself or one of his admirers.

He was a champion in the car on our l-o-n-g drive to Destin.

His belly laugh is contagious, specifically when he's being tickled on any of his chins or thighs.

He is a very easy and sweet baby boy!


  1. sleeping 11 hours that is awesome and def. something to celebrate and be proud of! :)

  2. Never cliché, will be saying that forever! Such a cutie!