Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Get Organized with Easy Storage Ideas {Guest Post}

I was excited when Hefty contacted me asking if they could share a post on storage solutions in your home.  Of course I agreed because I'm always eager to learn about new ideas for organizing our home! Here are some tips from Hefty...

When you have kids, it can often feel like there’s never enough space for all of the toys, clothes and games that end up strewn across every surface of your house. When you’re short on time and trying to get a million other things done, cleaning up usually turns into stuffing everything into the nearest closet, which means more mess when you’re trying to find things later on!

 Instead, try some easy organizing tips to make cleaning up your house a breeze. The following are simple tricks to get kids’ stuff—and your own stuff—organized to reduce stress and mess for you:

  • Use a spice rack for craft supplies like beads, glitter and even paint. Small containers are perfect for tiny crafting supplies that always get lost and are a good way to keep everything in one place. Instead of dumping everything into one big box, each supply will be separated and easy to grab.
  • Store costume or actual jewelry in a utensil holder. It’s an easy way to keep necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled around each other because you can lay everything out flat. Keeping everything in one drawer is also much easier than trying to cram jewelry into tiny boxes, too.
  • Stop stepping on stuffed animals every time you enter a room—use a hanging basket like you would put fruit in to hold animals, blocks and other toys. Just make sure it’s hanging low enough for kids to reach!
  • Take advantage of under-bed and under-couch storage. Buy long, thin storage bins and place them underneath any bed or couch that’s high enough off the ground. If they’re too close to the ground, invest in cheap bed risers to lift beds up a couple inches. You’ll create lots of storage space but keep everything out of sight.
  • Put shower curtain hooks in your closets. They’re good for holding everything from purses and backpacks to belts and scarves, so you won’t have to use up valuable drawer or floor space for these items.

A little organization can go a really long way—without a lot of time, effort or spending on your part! When your house is organized, you can spend less time searching for things and more time actually doing what you want to do!

Author Bio: Katie F. writes on behalf of Hefty®. Visit www.hefty.com for cleaning and storage products from large plastic bags to disposable cookware.


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