Thursday, August 29, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

Linking with Like Mother Like Daughter with some pictures today...


My MOPS group started up for the school year and since I didn't enroll Ellen in any preschool this year, MOPS is as close to "school" as she is getting this year.  She has been very eager to go "to my MOPS s-kool." She carefully chose her outfit and hairstyle for the big day, then asked me to "text my picture to Daddy because I'm beautiful."  


This boy turns 6 months next week, just cut his two bottom teeth, and I just noticed his two front teeth ready to make an appearance!  And he's still all smiles even when teething!

We are in the process of getting new floors and some people have realllllllly enjoyed my carefreeness toward our current flooring.


Ellen is not a fan of loud carpet tack removal the other day was "a little noisy" for her.  (And I like the father-son demo team in the background here.)  


New floors = so.much.chaos.  I can do this!  


  1. Hahaha! Ellen is beautiful! I love her Cindy Brady pig tails :)

  2. love it! hang in there - you are super mom! i'm sure it'll all be worth it in a few weeks!