Friday, August 23, 2013

Week in Review - Quick Takes Style

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Our drama last week was that Jude chipped a tooth.  He and Ryan were rough-housing a bit and when Ryan walked away, Jude lunged at his calf and somehow chipped his bottom tooth.  (We are very-odd-accident-prone people.)  It chipped to the nerve and Jude kept telling me it felt "weird."  I took him to the dentist last Monday and then Tuesday night woke up and told me his tooth had chipped again.  (Most likely the result of teeth-grinding...)  So we went back for round 2 after the first day of school on Wednesday and things have remained in place since then.  And Jude is very proud of his "new tooth."  

Speaking of teeth...Michael cut his first 2 teeth!  I had a feeling something was going on when he was up once at night as opposed to his usual full night of sleep, and when I peeked in his mouth he had one tooth cut and the other one wasn't far behind.  Such a big boy!

This book = funny book.  

And sadly probably the only book with more words than pictures that I've read this year...  

Clare has been writing newspapers for Ryan to update him on the events of the day.  One particular day (before school started) Ellen was a bit whiney.  She made the paper that day with this headline:

It was fair and balanced reporting! 

I took said "Miss Fussy" to her own Story Hour at the library this week.  She loved it and it was nice to enjoy a one-on-one activity with her.  

We are under a bit of construction on the home front.  We are working on closing up the wall between two rooms on our first floor and the funny thing is that it has actually made those rooms seem bigger. Now I'm working on paint colors...the only fun part of painting!

We survived our first f-u-l-l week of school and I feel like I earned Friday's hot lunch "Pizza Day" right along with the certainly is nice to get a break from packing lunches even though they still need water bottles and snacks today!  Happy weekend!

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